• I value the power of listening and connection of storytelling.
  • I believe everyone has the right and privilege of having their life story told faithfully and lovingly.
  • I dedicate myself to helping others navigate the experience of ceremony safely and thoughtfully, creating and performing distinct and memorable ceremonies.

Professional trained by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute, I am certified to conduct weddings, funerals and memorials. I also received training in working with and creating ceremonies for the LBGT community.

Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants are rigorously schooled in the art of ritual, ceremony, world and cultural traditions, mythology, ceremonial writing and speaking.

Celebrants respect all faiths and all perspectives equally. Part of my job is to honor your beliefs, culture, spiritual outlook or life philosophy so that your ceremony reflects your personal viewpoint. A Celebrant does not perform religious ceremonies that are reserved by a religion to be performed solely by the clergy of that religion.


My name is Jean and I come to this work with six decades of life experience, two marriages, long-term friendships, loss of friends and family, and a companion to several devoted dogs and a twenty-two year old cat. In my professional life, I have been privileged to be a mediator, facilitator, coach and teacher, all of which have aided me in my presentation and listening skills When I discovered the Life-Cycle Institute, I knew that this is what I wanted to do as an extension of my life’s work.

Born in Kansas, raised in Denver, and a graduate from the University of Denver, I also lived for a time in northern California and New Mexico before returning to the blue skies of Colorado. You can always find me on a tennis court, skiing or hiking the mountain trails with my husband and our rescued Dalmatian. Although I live in the metro-Denver area, I am willing to perform ceremonies at a variety of distinctive and beautiful venue locations in Colorado or New Mexico: backyards, parks, mountain meadow, ski hills, ranches or resorts.



What is….a Life-Cycle Celebrant®? Celebrants are certified Life-Cycle professional ceremony officiants who believe in the power and effectiveness of ceremony and ritual to serve basic needs of society and the individual. Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants® are rigorously schooled in the art of ritual, ceremony, world and faith traditions, mythology, ceremonial writing and ceremonial speaking.