“Every great love starts with a great story…”  —Nicholas Sparks


You have already made the most important decision of your life and are ready to create the setting and ceremony. Every couple has an exclusive story to tell about their union. Whether it is funny, fateful, or magical, at the heart of every ceremony is your story, tailoring rituals, readings, music and narrative to reflect the path and journey that brought you to this moment. We are committed to creating meaningful and memorable ways to celebrate the commitments made to those in whose hearts we have found a home. Your story is part of what makes your wedding ceremony unlike any other.


Jean specializes in small, intimate weddings, elopements, and vow renewals. Be it small and informal, lighthearted, solemn, secular, spiritual or humorous in tone, Jean acts as a compass and guide for customizing your ceremony.

Perhaps you are seeking a secular ceremony without any religious references, or if your partnership is interfaith, rituals and/or symbols from your faith traditions or spiritual practices may be selected. Jean is there to write a ceremony that reflects your lifestyles, philosophies, and values. Every wedding is distinctively written and performed…the one you have always imagined.

It is my goal to create the experience that characterizes the essence of you as a couple, inspires those closest to you and will be remembered for years to come.

Home Garden Wedding

Colorado Mountain Wedding

Colorado Mountain Wedding

Cheeseman Park Wedding

Cheesman Park Wedding


Whether you have just found your better half or have devoted yourselves to each other for a long time, Jean is trained on how to best work with, and understand, the LGBTQ+ community. She wants to hear your story to create a distinctive ceremony that reflects both who you are as individuals and how you have transformed yourselves into a couple.

10% of all fees for LGBTQ+ ceremonies will be donated to LGBTQcolorado.org.


Wanna get away?

Be it an elopement for two in a gorgeous Colorado setting, or an intimate wedding with just a few family members and friends witnessing your vows, your spirit of adventure or place of enchantment reflects who you are as a couple. With advanced notice via phone or Skype, or a few days turn around, Jean is prepared to design a vibrant, yet intimate event in that special spot to which you are drawn.


Vow renewal ceremonies are seen as a way for a married couple to renew their commitment to each other and demonstrate that the vows they took are still considered sacred. Perhaps you have reached a significant anniversary or have passed through a difficult time in your relationship and want to renew your life and love. For some couples the ceremony offers the chance to celebrate the wedding they never had.

Through your story, Jean will create a meaningful re-commitment ceremony for you and your loved one to cherish and remember forever.