Honor your loved one through a heartfelt, inspirational celebration of life.

Celebration of Life ceremoniesCreating a memorial portrait of a person’s life is to honor something of what it meant for that person to live.

With compassion and care, Blue Sky Celebrations will work with you to design a Celebration of Life Ceremony that honors your loved one’s presence in the world and what it meant for your loved one to live. A ceremony can be designed to honor your loved one’s life in a manner that transcends the traditional funeral experience. By incorporating music, prose, poetry, rituals and even humor, we craft a personalized and dignified end-of-life tribute that appropriately reflects their values and traditions while focusing on the achievements and contributions of your loved one, truly celebrating their life.

A Celebration of Life can be conducted at any time and in the location you choose. You may prefer to hold the ceremony in a familiar reception venue or just about any location or venue you desire. Wherever you are most comfortable can be the perfect place to honor a life well lived. In addition to funeral homes and cemeteries, you might consider a celebration of life ceremony at:

  • Hudson Gardens
  • Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Pines at Genesee
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Country clubs
  • Private homes, or
  • Restaurants, to name a few

We honor and respect all life-affirming traditions and philosophies, whether secular, multi-cultural, or interfaith. Our goal is to work closely with you to create the tone and content that reflects your loved one’s individuality.


The process of intentionally planning for your own passing is a powerful way to create grace and harmony in a transition often overshadowed by logistical detail.

You may have the courage and longing to hold your own advanced “Celebration of Life”…in which you can share life’s sweetness and sorrow with those you love, and offer a final farewell. Creating and participating in your own memorial is a beautiful idea and one in which many people would like to be a participant.

Or, perhaps you want to plan your own memorial, as a way to have your story told just as you would want it to be told. Blue Sky Celebrations will assist you in expressing your story: your proudest moments, your regrets, the lessons learned and the messages and gifts you want to share with those you love. You have the rare privilege of reliving your own life, while smoothing the path of grief for those you will be leaving behind.


In honor of your loved one and their personal story, every family will receive a keepsake copy of the ceremony.

Jean was wonderful to work with, as well as authentic, compassionate and kind. We had little time to prepare a celebration of life for my husband but Jean lead us through beautifully. We were very fortunate to have found her.