“The purpose of any ceremony is to build stronger relationship or
bridge the distance between our cosmos and us.”
     —S. Wilson

Through ceremony, we mindfully mark life’s journey – pausing to appreciate, honor, and acknowledge stepping on new ground, an opening or a new beginning. Birth, coming of age, marriage and death are widely anticipated as moments requiring rites for passages in our lives. Blue Sky Celebrations welcomes the opportunity to design a meaningful ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate both the foremost milestones, as well as those that are significant passages: birthdays, retirement, graduation, or any life-transition that you would like to commemorate.


Welcoming ceremonies for new family members, whether by birth, adoption or marriage, have existed in virtually every culture and country. Publicly making the entry of new members into our families is perhaps one of the most joyous celebration we can share, and acknowledging our responsibilities to our children one of the most serious commitments we can undertake.


Blue Sky Celebrations acknowledges and supports anyone in the incorporation phase of their journey – fully embracing their true self/identity and offering an opportunity to be received and embraced by family, friend, and community. Whether it is a gender transition or a new-naming ceremony, rituals and blessings acknowledge the powerful emotions that are part of this journey and remind us of the promise that lies ahead.

“A pet is never truly forgotten until it is no longer remembered.”  –L. Petitto


Many people who have a pet consider it as part of the family. Ways to celebrate and honor our pets and animal companions may include a family welcoming and naming ceremony or to formally honor specially trained service dogs. Ceremony offers a way to celebrate our pets and animal companions throughout their lifetimes.

We honor them as family members and therefore we would like to preserve the memories when they pass on. A memorial service offers comfort, embraces the grieving process and acknowledges your relationship with your pet. It provides an opportunity to celebrate the life of your pet and to remember all the wonderful times and special qualities of your pet. It is a way to share stories, create a memorial space or simply meditate with your memories. Blue Sky Celebrations will assist you in creating a sacred space and meaningful rituals for capturing all the wonderful times together.